Thursday, May 12, 2005

Papa mama Perth trip: Day 10 - fishing at Cottesloe, Nola & Rongxin dinner

This morning, 6am, we set out to Cottesloe beach with Nola, my neighbour upstairs for some fishing. Papa was very excited about it and he stayed up late last night to make sure the fishing rods are ok and there's enough hooks and sinks... It has been long since he had his hand on fishing gears because the river back home is polluted and the artificial fishing pond was closed.

Nola directed us to the destination. It was still all dark when we got there. Wave was rough. Papa put on a first bait, threw it into the water, and within 10 seconds, he got a 25cm brim!! What a great catch!
I later joined in the game as well but I don't have enough strength to throw it far enough out and it was swept right back in within seconds... :(

The sun started to rise when we started our actions. Papa and Nola was busy casting and waiting, I was casting and casting and putting bait and casting and casting and putting bait. Mama was taking photos, eating breakfast and don't know what else she was doing because I was busy casting and casting and putting bait and casting and casting and putting bait...

By 8am, when it started to rain, we still only got the first welcoming catch. Well, we had to leave otherwise we'll get wet. We went to a fishing supply shop and got some more gears - floats, pollard, maggots, fishline, etc.. Papa was happy and can't wait to the next casting. :D

I went to school after that, came home for lunch and back to school for teaching.

Dinner was a fantastic one! Nola and Rongxin invited us to their place for dinner. They cooked so many dishes and they are all great! There are chilli chicken cubes, panfried spiced lamb, sour potato & carrot shreds, big platter of salad, fresh king prawn & scallop on rice, fried crumbed cod fillet, baked brim with pinenuts, and miso soup. We were all so full after the dinner. :D~

After dinner, papa mama told Nola & Rongxin about the Tiens Acupoint magnetic acupuncture device. Nola loves it and after 20 minutes of treatment on her back, she had a big relief on her back pain. She instantly wants to get it and also the Tiens Dream mattress which has great healing effects of alternating magnetic field, negative ion and far infrared ray.
So we looked into the forms and paperworks to sign her into the system and do the purchase so she can has the healing ASAP.
I'm so glad that she accepts that, it'll definitely have miraculous effects on her health and well-being. Just need to wait and see it happens.

Dead tired now. Good night.

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