Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Papa mama Perth trip: Day 9 - Fremantle, Maritime museum

Upon waking up this morning, I realised that it is Tuesday. And usually places like zoo or museum are cheaper to visit on Tuesday. So we decided to go visit the Perth Zoo after lunch.
While searching for the brochure I got last time I visited the zoo, i came across the brochure of WA maritime museum and found out that it's free entry on every second Tuesday of a month. A quick calculation shows that it's equal to a saving of $25 for three of us. So plan change and we headed straight to Fremantle.

It took couple of U-turns to finally get a parking at E-shed market, which is very close to the musuem, and took another walking U-turn to realised that it was really very close. :P
So we finally got there, went in and had a tour in the maritime museum. Lots of stuffs about boats, fishing, sailing...

By the time we got out, it's almost 5pm. Most places in Freo are close. So we went to Cicerello, a restaurant famous for its fish & chip. And we verified the claim to be a truthful statement. It is indeed very nice. Another big bonus is that Cicerello has several big fish tanks. There are many diffrent type of corals, starfish, lionfish, 'nemos', crabs, sea cucumbers, etc.. It's comparable to a small aquarium. Papa and I took many photos there. :D

Shall sleep now. Tomorrow we'll go fishing in the early morning.

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